Total Tendonitis Relief is a pill that contains a whole plethora of herbal substances (nine in all) that are either anti-inflammatories, COX-2 inhibitors or Substance P inhibitors. If you don’t know what the last two are, basically, the herbal extracts prevent pain signals from being transmitted from your problem area to your brain by interrupting the nerve pathway. The result: you feel no pain.

I’m sure that this product works as advertised; in other words, I’m sure that unless you have really extreme tendon pain it will stop that pain from happening. But here’s the problem: if your tendon really is damaged, the pain is a signal to your body to stop using it. Interrupt that signal, and you run a very real risk of worsening the problem without even knowing that you’re doing so. (How can you tell if you’re hurting yourself if there is no pain to warn you?)

The TTR website is careful to use the word “relief” rather than “cure”. And it only uses the word “solution” when referring to the symptoms of tendonitis, not the underlying cause. So, credit where credit is due, they’re not lying. TTR will relieve your symptoms…and will do nothing to actually cure your tendon condition. However, in the numerous testimonials it’s clear that the people writing in are getting confused about what’s happening in their bodies, because they often confuse “relief” with “remedy”. And this is worrying.

If you want a really good pain reliever, TTR may be just the ticket. And their guarantee is second to none: you can return any of their product any time for a complete refund. But–gushing testimonials aside–if you’re interested in actually curing whatever is causing your tendon pain, then I recommend avoiding this product (and others like it). Pain is a valuable signal that your body uses to let you know something’s wrong. Circumvent it at your own risk.

Final score: 5.0

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