Joshua Tucker is a Certified Massage Therapist who has a particular interest in tendonitis and repetitive stress injuries.  He owns and runs the massive Tendonitis Expert website, which has scores of pages on every aspect you can think of relating to tendonitis.  In addition to his CMT training, Tucker mentions Oriental medicine on his site and seems to have a naturopathic bent to his thinking.

I’m all for natural remedies, but honestly speaking  this is his main weakness.  While he has a wealth of experience in treating various conditions, much of the advice on his pages is either widely available elsewhere (“Ice whatever part of your body hurts”) or else is lacking in any sort of real scientific basis.  He recommends magnesium supplements to a reader, for example, and has an entire page devoted to “Magnesium for Tendonitis”, but there is virtually nothing in the scientific literature that supports this idea.  Many of his other recommendations are the same – in particular, his idea that icing a bodypart will result in “new blood” getting to that bodypart is just weird.  Ice constricts blood vessels, slowing bloodflow, not increasing it, and this effect is very well documented in the literature.  (See for example this study.)  Also, all of the blood in your body is continuously circulating, so none of it is any “newer” than any other.

On the other hand, icing is definitely one of the classic treatments for tendonitis, and it does work to reduce inflammation.  I like the unusually aggressive way Tucker goes about it, with complete immersion ice baths for most bodyparts.  So I’m sure that he gets good results in his practice, even if his technical understanding of what’s going on is lacking.

Bottom line, there is a lot of good information on the Tendonitis Expert website…and there is a lot of bad information on the Tendonitis Expert website.  If you want a personal response to a question Tucker’s blog is a good way to go, and at $39.99 for a CD and $19.99 for an ebook, his products aren’t expensive.  But the information you receive may be a little suspect depending on your issue.  Also, although his products have a “money back guarantee”, I wasn’t able to find anything on the site that specified what that guarantee was or the time-frame involved.

Final score: 5.5

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